Workshops and Conferences


On August 27-30, 2023, the NANOPLANT Team participated in the 6th International Conference on Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices (NANOMAT) held at the Hotel Mercure Warszawa Grand. This event was a great opportunity to enrich our knowledge on various developments in the area of nanotechnology and materials science, in addition to meeting new people and promoting the NANOPLANT project. 
At the conference, five posters in the area of plant nanotechnology were presented by the NANOPLANT team:
1. Rapid Green Synthesis of Gold (Au) nanoparticles using Hypericum perforatum L. extract. 2. Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular response of Hypericum perforatum cells to gold and silver nanoparticles. 3. Differential accumulation of primary and secondary metabolites induced by iron and iron oxides nanoparticles in Hypericum perforatum L. 4. CuO influences plant growth, development physiology in tobacco (Necotiana tabacum). 5. Secondary metabolic changes of H. perforatum L. shoot cultures in response to engineered nanoparticles. 
Our students, Wiktoria and Alicja, won the first prize for the best poster presentation. One of other posters also won the third prize. 
On August 30, Dr. Dibyendu Mondal gave a lecture titled: “Designing protein nano-constructs using neoteric solvents with improved activity and stability under various stresses”.

20230828-DM (3)

  Our promotional stall (photo courtesy of D.M., IPG PAS).

20230829-LK (2)

  NANOPLANT poster display (photo courtesy of L.K., IPG PAS).

20230830-JD (4)

  Dr. Dibyendu Mondal’s invited talk (photo courtesy of J.D., IPG PAS).

20230830-JD (5)

Ms. Wiktoria Frątczak receiving the prize for best poster presentation (photo courtesy of J.D., IPG PAS).

Meeting with UFraction8

On July 19, 2023, the ERA Chair Holder, Innovation Broker, Project Coordinator and the Director of the IPG PAS had a brainstorming session with the representatives of the UFraction8 company, an SME working on microfluidics technology. Many areas of cooperation between NANOPLANT and this SME have been discussed.

Brainstorming session at the IPG PAS

On July 14, 2023, the NANOPLANT Team had a wonderful interaction with eminent scientists. We had the opportunity to interact with the manager of “UFraction8”, a microfluidics SME from WCAT regarding future collaboration. The team also had very good physical activities and a badminton game. We thank the Director and Deputy Director of Research of the IPG PAS for their presence and support to the team. Thanks also to Joanna Dutkiewicz, our Innovation Specialist for organising this fantastic get together.

20230714 Brainstorming session (1)

Happy participants of the meeting (photo courtesy of F.G., IPG PAS).

20230714 Brainstorming session (11)

Ms. Joanna Dutkiewicz and Mr. Lokesh Veeresh playing badminton (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

NanoTech 2023

The NANOPLANT project team participated in the “NanoTech Poland 2023” international conference which was held on June 14-16, 2023 in Poznan, Poland.
The team had 4 posters and 1 oral presentation which included; posters (1) Dr. Veresh Lokesh entitled “Protein engineering using nanostructured solvents envisaging improved performance under oxidative stress and enhanced plant protection” (2) Dr. Kruszka Dariusz, “Engineered nanoparticles interfere with primary metabolism of Hypericum perforatum L. cell cultures” (3) Dr. Selvakesavan/Prof. Franklin Gregory, “Gold nanoparticles reduce the intensity of Hypericum perforatum L. plant defense against Agrobacterium tumefaciens”, (4) Dr. Leonard Kiirika, “Green-inspired silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) show antimicrobial activity against rapeseed pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum“ and (5) an oral presentation by Dr. Pradeep Matam entitled “Unveiling the phytochemical basis and mechanism of plant extract-mediated green synthesis of silver nanoparticles”. 
The department also hosted a quality exhibition stand showcasing the most relevant research activities that Plant Nanotechnology team is engaged in and distributed various project promotional materials.


Dr Pradeep Matam’s presentation (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).


The Nanoplant Department exhibition stand with Ms. Marta Gloger and Gabriela looking on in readiness to disseminate information about the department (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Workshop for high school students

On May 12, 2023, NANOPLANT Team had an opportunity to meet a great group of students from the High School No 2 in Poznań accompanied by their chemistry teacher, Mr. Piotr Cecot. 
The visit was divided into two parts. First, Dr. Dibyendu Mondal and Dr. Leonard Kiirika presented the basic knowledge about nanotechnology and the objectives of our project. Then, after a short lunch break, the students took part in lab sessions led by Dr. Lokesh Veeresh and Dr. Dariusz Kruszka. 

Dr Dariusz Kruszka explaining the work of equipment to the students (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).
Happy members of the NANOPLANT team and Mr. Piotr Cecot together with the students after the visit at the IPG PAS (photo courtesy of R.S., IPG PAS).

Workshop for children

On April 28, 2023, NANOPLANT Team hosted a group of children from the Primary School No 69 in Poznań.
After a short welcome in the reading room, Marta Gloger introduced the team members to the children and explained the basic assumptions of the Nanoplant project. Dr. Leonard Kiirika, Dr. Lokesh Veeresh and Dr Pradeep Matam explained in an accessible way what nanotechnology deals with – for this purpose, short films were shown to children. After an interactive session and a short snack break, children got Nanoplant caps and were divided into two groups. Thus they had the opportunity to perform some experiments in our laboratory, and then visit the greenhouse. The workshop ended with a group photo in front of the institute building.
Children enjoying hands on experiences in the lab (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).
Members of the NANOPLANT Team and Dr. Dariusz Kruszka with the children and their teachers pose for a photo at the IPG PAS after an interactive sessions in the library, lab and grenhouse (photo courtesy
of M.G., IPG PAS).

9th Congress On Ionic Liquids 2023

On April 24-28, 2023, the 9th Congress On Ionic Liquids. This event was successfully attended by approximately 300 participants in Villeurbanne at the Espace Tête d’Or congress center in the suburbs of Lyon, France. On April 27, Dr. Mónia Martins had her oral presentation entitled: “Studies on the controlled release of metal ions from nanomaterials using ionic liquids for agricultural applications”.


  Dr. Mónia Martins’ presentation (photo courtesy of M.M., IPG PAS).


Acknowledgement to NANOPLANT project (photo courtesy of M.M., IPG PAS).

AGChem 2022

On September 26-30, 2022, the 3rd Conference of Advances in Green Chemistry – AGChem 2022 took place in Poznan Science and Technology Park. The conference focused on a close relationship between basic research and the exploitation of industrial results. AGChem has become an area for meeting young researchers from Europe who carry out basic research and implement developed technologies.
Members from the Department of Plant Nanotechnology participated in this conference by way of 2 oral and 1 poster presentation. Oral contributions were by (1) Dr. Mónia Martins entitled, “Studies on the controlled release of metal ions from nanomaterials for agricultural applications using ionic liquids and eutetic systems”, (2) Dr. Meena Bisht, and poster by Dr. Leonard Kiirika, “Bio-ionic liquids modified CuO influence plant growth and development in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)”.

Dr. Mónia Martins’ presentation (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

AGChem (7)

     Dr. Meena Bisht’s presentation (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Dr Leonard Kiirika showing his poster (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Introduction to NANOPLANT

On July 7, 2022 our team hosted a workshop as a way of introduction to NANOPLANT in the seminar room of the IPG PAS. The students had a chance to learn more about the structure of the department, ongoing research projects, and laboratory and greenhouse facilities accessible for enabling research accomplishments. After visiting Nanoplant’s lab, the participants took part in two practical sessions – they got to know the DLS equipment for nanomaterials analysis and then saw the demonstration of green synthesis of nanoparticles. 


Members of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology and students during the workshop on introduction to NANOPLANT (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).


Happy participants and NANOPLANT team members (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

4th World Nanotechnology Conference

The ERA Chair of NANOPLANT Project, Dr Dibyendu Mondal, gave a talk entitled “Strategies for enhanced protein nano-engineering with improved stability and activity”, during the 4th edition of the World Nanotechnology Conference held on April, 25-27, 2022, a forum where scientists from all over the world discuss and exchange their latest research effects in the field of nanotechnology.
The talk was focused on two different topics: (1) strategies for improving the stability and activity of enzymes for facile biocatalysis and (2) vision for the department of plant nanotechnology. 

The dates and details of the workshops below will be updated soon.

1.  STIMULI RESPONSIVE engineered nanomaterials for smart agriculturE

2.  Agro-nanotechnology for plant monitoring and plant protection

3.  Nanotoxicity and soil health