Project news

Demonstration of the particle size analyzer
instrument LITESIZER 500

On 21st January 2022 we will present to you the particle size analyzer.
The workshop will be held at the laboratory no 11 from 11.00 to 15.oo.
We will see correct operation of the device based on the measurements of standard particle size
and zeta potential solutions.

Please remember to wear your mask!

Open competition for various positions in the area of plant nanotechnology at the Institute of Plant Genetics
of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPG PAS)

The IPG PAS is looking to hire two senior researchers in the area of plant nanotechnology
in the framework of Horizon 2020 ERA Chair project (NANOPLANT- GA856961) funded by the EU. 

Deadline for applications:  The selection process will be kept open until a suitable candidate is found.
Applications received earlier will be assured of careful consideration.

Detailed info: