Project news

Second lecture for PhD students

The second part of the lecture series for PhD students in the EU funded NANOPLANT project (GA 856961) under the title “Nanotechnology scope and application in plants” took place today, 29th November 2022 at 9.00 a.m. presented by Dr. Leonard Kiirika, a Senior Researcher in the Department of Nanotechnology, IPG PAS. The lecture covered the following areas: (1) application of nanotechnology for improvement of horticultural crops; (2) uptake and translocation of nanomaterials during plant growth; (3) mechanisms underlying the plant-nanomaterials interactions and (4) utilization of nano-based probes for plant monitoring.
We thank all those who participated in the interactive talk and we look forward to meeting again in the third series which will be announced soon.

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High school students' visit at IPG PAS

Members of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology together with the students pose for a photo at the IPG PAS after an interactive session in the institute on plant nanotechnology (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Dissemination of plant nanotechnology scientific outputs through practical demonstrations and communication to young generation posits a proper and critical game changer towards social impact and sustainability. On 25th November 2022, the Department of Plant Nanotechnology of the IPG PAS hosted high school students who got exposed to hands on experience and information on plant nanotechnology research ongoing in the laboratory.

 Dr. Meena Bisht (Postdoc in the Department of Plant Nanotechnology) explaining to the students who congregated in laboratory, what the nanomaterials are, different processes of their synthesis and application (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS)
Dr. Leonard Kiirika (Senior Researcher for NANOPLANT) explaining the integration of nanomaterials into plants, their role as source of nutrients and capacity to positively enhance plants’ response towards biotic and abiotic factors (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Introductory lecture for PhD students

As part of the EU funded NANOPLANT project (GA 856961) lecture series for PhD students, the introductory lecture was given today by Dr. Dibyendu Mondal (ERA Chair holder, NANOPLANT) on “Nanomaterials: synthesis and task-specific applications”. The lecture briefly covered the following topics: 1. Different protocols for the synthesis of nanomaterials (physical, chemical and green synthesis methods), 2. Analytical tools for characterization of nanomaterials, 3. Application of nanomaterials in agriculture (non-fertilizers, nano-pesticides and nano-assisted gene delivery), 4. Effects of size, shape, and surface charge of nanomaterials on crop productivity.
Presentations on plant nanotechnology by other members of the NANOPLANT team are planned for the near future in this series for PhD students.

2nd Review Meeting
 Participants of the second project review meeting (photo courtesy of M.M., IPG PAS).

Second project review meeting

The second project review meeting was held on 15th November 2022 via Zoom.
We thank the Project officer from the EU, External expert, the members of International Advisory Board, collaborators, and the director of the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS for making the meeting successful.

International Advisory Board member Prof. Eva Čellárová’s visit to the IPG PAS


Prof. Eva Čellárová (Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice), a member of the NANOPLANT International Advisory Board, visited the IPG PAS on September 22-23, 2022. On 22, September 2022 the meeting was held at the IPG PAS in a hybrid mode. All team members attended the meeting either in person or virtually. The meeting started with an introductory session on the goals of the project by the project coordinator. The ERA chair holder Dr. Dibyendu Mondal, presented the vision of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology and explained the activities of the team. Dr. Monia Martins (Senior Postdoc) and Dr. Leonard Kiirika (Senior Researcher) presented their research findings on the development of nanoformulations and assays in plants, respectively. Following these presentations, the IAB member discussed project activities and achievements with the project coordinator and team. On September 23, 2022, Prof. Eva Čellárová visited the laboratories and facilities where the nanoplant experiments are conducted.

Prof. Eva Čellárová, the deputy director of research of the IPG PAS and NANOPLANT team members participating in the meeting (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Prof. Eva Čellárová visiting the NANOPLANT lab and greenhouse, where plant nanotechnology experiments are in progress (photo courtesy of F. G., IPG PAS).

Presentation: Application of spectrophotometer in nanotechnology

On 8th July 2022 a representative of LABSOFT Company gave a talk and demonstrated the use of spectrophotometer in nanotechnology and especially in plant science. The event was attended by all who were interested in elemental analysis and especially scientists at the IPG PAS.

Memebers of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology follow up a talk on the application of spectrophotometer in the conference room at the IPG PAS led by a representative of LABSOFT company, Poland (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Workshop: Introduction to NANOPLANT

Members of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology and students during the workshop on introduction to NANOPLANT (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

On 7th July 2022 the Department of Plant Nanotechnology hosted a workshop as a way of introduction to NANOPLANT in the seminar room of the IPG PAS. All who participated had a chance to learn more about the structure of the department, ongoing research projects, and laboratory and greenhouse facilities accessible for enabling research accomplishments.

Research trip to the Baltic Sea for seaweed collection

Members of the NANOPLANT Team pose for a photo after two days of collecting seaweed pushed at the coastline by the water tides (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

Seaweed algae species collected at the Baltic sea coast (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

On 30th June 2022 the members of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology NANOPLANT conducted fieldwork at the Baltic Sea to collect seaweed samples for extraction of nanoparticles. Different species of algae were collected which are now subject of research at the department.

Research project: "NanoBioCat"

NanoBioCat scheme (picture courtesy of D.M., IPG PAS).

On 23rd May 2022 Dr Dibyendu Mondal was awarded a research project by the National Science Centre (NCN): “NanoBioCat: Developing biopolymer-based and protein friendly ionic liquids assisted enzyme nano-constructs with improved efficacy for tandem biocatalysis under multiple stresses”.


Lecture at the Adam Mickiewicz University

Dr Dibyendu Mondal giving a lecture at the Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

On 13th May 2022, the Era Chair Dr Dibyendu Mondal representing the Department of Plant Nanotechnology, IPG PAS visited the Adam Mickiewicz University where he gave a talk entitled: “Designing protein nano-construct: An alternative strategy to improve stability and activity against environmental stress”. The meeting was attended by different members of the department, technical and students.

Research visit to Aveiro, Portugal

Members of the University of Aveiro in Portugal participate in a talk by Dr. Dibyendu of the Department of Plant Nanotechnology of the IPG PAS Poland (photo courtesy of D.M., IPG PAS).

On 3rd May 2022 the Era Chair Dr Dibyendu Mondal representing the Department of Plant Nanotechnology, IPG PAS visited the University of Aveiro in Portugal where he gave a talk entitled: “A Journey from Chemical Science to NANOPLANT: The Learning Curve”. 
The meeting was attended by different members of the department, technical and students.

4th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

The ERA Chair of NANOPLANT Project Dr Dibyendu Mondal gave a talk during World Nanotechnology Conference held on 25th – 27th April 2022 – a forum where scientists from all over the world can discuss and exchange their latest research effects in the field of nanotechnology.

Seminar: Electron microscopy

(photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

(photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS).

On 13th April 2022 a seminar was conducted in the conference room of the IPG PAS led by Mr Lukasz Remez that highlighted sample preparation for an electron microscopy analysis. Knowledge on different instruments as demonstrated from the PIK company will present modern solutions in the field of preparation of microscopic samples.

Seminar by Dr Kyeong-Hwan Lee

Dr Kyeong-Hwan Lee (photo courtesy of IPG PAS).

On 21st  March 2022 an online seminar led by Dr Kyeong-Hwan Lee was conducted which covered the topic on The New Agriculture Paradigm in Korea, Digital Agriculture. Memebers of the IPG PAS participated remotely via ZOOM platform.

Particle size analyzer workshop

Demonstration in progress (photo courtesy of M.G., IPG PAS)

On 31st January 2022 we had an opportunity to see how a particle size analyzer works by measuring the standard particle size and zeta potential of solutions.