Invited Talks

Seminar by Dr Kyeong-Hwan Lee

Dr Kyeong-Hwan Lee (photo courtesy of IPG PAS).

On 21st of March 2022 an online seminar led by Dr Kyeong-Hwan Lee was conducted which covered the topic on The New Agriculture  Paradigm in Korea, Digital Agriculture. Memebers of the IPG PAS participated remotely via ZOOM platform.

The following invited talks are proposed which will be organized in due course. Details regarding date, place, speakers and etc., will be updated soon.

Invited Talk 1:
Topic: Artificial intelligence and smart agriculture
Speaker: Prof. Kyeong-Hwan Lee

Invited Talk 2:
Topic: Ionic liquids and Eutectic solvents as sustainable media for formulations development.
Speaker: Prof J A P Coutinho

Invited Talk 3:
Topic: Nanomaterials and nanotoxicity
Speaker: Prof. S K Nataraj

 Invited Talk 4:
Topic: Uptake, transport and assimilation of nanomaterials in plants
Speaker: To be announced

Invited Talk 5:
Topic: Sustained and controlled delivery of nano-fertilizers to plant
Speaker: To be announced

 Invited Talk 6:
Topic: Plant-nanomaterials interactions study by OMICS, molecular and biochemical approaches
Speaker: To be announced

 Invited Talk 7: Topic: Nano-pesticides and nanosensors
Speaker: To be announced

 Invited Talk 8: Topic: Effect of nanomaterial on  soil microbes
Speaker: To be announced

 Invited Talk 9: Topic: Nanomaterials-protein interactions
Speaker: To be announced

Invited Talk 10: Topic: Life cycle assessment of liquid fertilizers for sustainable agriculture
Speaker: To be announced